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The shortest Beatles song?

There is no published photo of the Queen with The Beatles, only with her mother and sister (seen here) T he shortest Beatles song   is only 23 seconds long and was unlisted on its original vinyl release. 

How did The Beatles get their name?

Nearly sixty years on and there is still no settled answer to this question. We are now so familiar with the name— and its odd spelling — that it is often forgotten how exotic it seemed in the early 1960s.

How many Beatles songs can you see?

Graphic designer Viktor Hertz has created a remarkable tribute to The Beatles. Each pictogram represents a song.  How many Beatles songs can you identify?

Which day of the week is skipped in Lady Madonna?

Saturday. "Friday Night arrives without a suitcase/Sunday morning creeping like a nun." Perhaps its part of that eight-day-week the Beatles introduced. Lady Madonna was McCartney's 'come-back' single after critics savaged Magical Mystery Tour. Musically, it's an impressive response, the boogiewoogie piano and handclaps combining to create an infectious driving sound.  Lyrically, it is less successful. The title was inspired by a magazine photograph of an African mother and child captioned Mountain Madonna. This image immediately runs into trouble with a very British reference to paying the rent. Then it turns bizarrely accusatory ('Did you think that money was heaven sent?') before losing all coherence in what Ian MacDonald calls 'acid tinged unreality'.  Macdonald particularly disapproves of the 'pointless allusion to I Am the Walrus' suggesting that this 'wanton self-mythologising ... in the context of the developing 'Pa

Who was Dick Rowe? What was his bad decision?

1962 would be the key year in the history of The Beatles. But it got off to a very bad start. In the early hours of New Year's Day they drove  to London. They were heading for an audition at Decca Records - then the most prestigious record company in the UK. After battling through a snowstorm they finally arrived the studio at the appointed time of 11.00 - only to find that there was nobody there to meet them.  Then they were told that they could not use their own amplifiers.  But the session went ahead? Over the next hour they recorded the following songs, which included three Lennon and McCartney originals: Like Dreamers Do Money (That's What I Want) Till There Was You The Sheik Of Araby To Know Her Is To Love Her Take Good Care Of My Baby Memphis, Tennessee Sure To Fall (In Love With You) Hello Little Girl Three Cool Cats Crying, Waiting, Hoping Love Of The Loved September In The Rain Besame Mucho ? The Beatles did not perform well. They we