Which Beatle came from the poorest background?

The Everton area of Liverpool, 1960

All four Beatles had what Mark Lewisohn calls ‘unvarnished working-class roots in an industrial city that had seen better days.' They grew up in different areas of Liverpool, though Paul and George attended the same secondary school and John and George (briefly) went to the same primary school.

John had a difficult childhood in emotional terms, but essentially grew up in a middle class suburb with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. Paul's first impression of his family were that they were 'very posh'.

Paul and George both lived in council house (social housing) but neither considered themselves poor. Like John they went to a school with a very good reputation for academic achievement. This suited Paul but George was more disaffected.

Working class hero

The house where Ringo lived Copyright Pernille Eriksen — reprinted with permission — prints available

One future Beatles did experience a Dickensian childhood combining poverty, ill health and paternal abandonment. Richard Starkey grew up in Dingle area of the city notorious for crime and poverty.

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