Who was the tallest Beatle?

'Evidence' of an alleged height disparity 

The tallest Beatle? A surprisingly controversial questions.

The official record has Lennon, McCartney and Harrison as the same height: 5'11" with Ringo Starr 5'8".  Some have speculated that these figures are a little generous.

Paul or 'Faul'?

A belief that 'the real Paul is not that tall' is often cited by conspiracy theorists. They say that the real (small) Paul was replaced by a taller fake Paul (aka Faul) after a tragic road accident in November 1965. 

Or perhaps February 1966 - there are different schools of thought.

Arguments often centre around the precise measurement of Mr McCartney's trend-setting cuban heels.

Size isn't everything but...

Paul (or Faul if you insist) is mildly cross that films portray him as shorter than John. He is keen to correct the record.

Full story bonkers 'Paul is Dead' story here (3 minute free read)

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