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Did The Beatles ever record with other artists?

Brian Epstein famously became aware of The Beatles when a young customer asked for a song recorded in Germay,"My Bonnie", by  Tony Sheridan and The Beatles.   This disc would prove to be unique on two counts.  It was the first non-bootlegged recording.  It was also the only time they conceded  top billing to another artist.  In their subsequent recording career over a hundred people performed on official Beatles releases.  These included major contributions to specific recordings - like Andy White's on the "Love Me Do" (single) to various wives, girlfriends and pals providing background harmonies. Even biographer Hunter Davies gets a walk-on vocal, deep in the chorus of  All You Need Is Love " [42] The house rule was that only band members were credited. This even applied to star names - Eric Clapton on The White Album , for example. Only two exceptions were made in the entire 1962 -1970 discography.  Billy Preston  Billy Preston came close to jo