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Early History: 1940 - 1947

School Days: 1940-1957
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are four young men from Liverpool.  They share a love of America's new music: rock and roll.
1940 July 7 Richard Starkey is born in Liverpool. He later changes his name to Ringo Starr.
Oct. 9 John Lennon is born in Liverpool.
1942 June 18 Paul McCartney is born in Liverpool.
1943 Feb. 24 George Harrison is born in Liverpool.
1956 John Lennon starts a skiffle band. He names it after his school, Quarry Bank High.
1957 Paul McCartney befriends a young guitarist on their bus journey to school. 

The Quarrymen - with three familiar faces
July, 1957:  John Lennon’s school band, The Quarrymen, play a local summer fete. Fifteen-year-old Paul McCartney is also there -  in search of girls.  John and Paul meet for the first time (see video/read text). Soon after Paul joins the group.  

December: Paul arranges for the 14 year-old, George Harrison to audition for John - also on the top of a bus - see hereJohn asks George to play Raunchy - a popular guitar song at time. George is ‘note-perfect’. Reluctantly  John is agrees for George to join the band.  



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