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Which Beatles had Irish heritage?

  “I’m a quarter Irish or half Irish or something,”  John Lennon On arrival at Dublin Airport in 1963 John Lennon declared to reporters. “We’re all Irish!”. Lennon was half-joking, and referring primarily to the reputation Liverpool as an historic centre of Irish immigration. No Beatle was eligible for an Irish passport or even selection for Jack Charlton's famously flexible Republic of Ireland soccer team. That said, President Biden regularly describes himself as 'Irish', sometimes even omitting to add 'American'. If we apply what might be termed Biden Rules (ancestors going back a generation or five)  then at leastthree of the Fab Four can climb aboard.  Read more   4 minutes on Medium - free

First Beatlemania riot?

Real fans chase The Beatles around London's Marylebone Railway Station in the opening of A Hard Day's Night. This is meant to be Lime Street Station in Liverpool - but the script was in fact inspired by the first 'Beatlemania riot' in Dublin on 7 November, 1963 . Read full story on Medium (free - 3 mins)