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Last Beatles Song?

"We all play on it, i t’s a genuine Beatles recording .  ” Paul McCartney Is Now and Then  a 'genuine Beatles recording' ? via  Henry Grossman/Wikimedia Commons  and Apple Corps For Paul McCartney the defining component is the presence of all four Beatles in the final mix. This may be stretching a point in that only John Lennon recorded the de facto master tape, namely the demo cassette recorded in his apartment.  It is true that The Beatles recording process was often fragmented. Though they  largely recorded early tracks ‘as live’, improvements in multi-tracking meant that they later relied heavily of recording segments which were later assembled in collaboration with the Abbey Road engineers.  Frequently, two or three band members would work on a particular track. Some recordings, like Yesterday (Paul) and Love You Too (George) had only one of the four on the final recording, while three  contributed to Free as a Bird during the Anthology sessions. Few, however, would