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Which song broke-up The Beatles?

The B842, Kintyre, Scotland I was a bit flipped out and tripped out at that time. It’s a sad song because it’s all about the unattainable; the door you never quite reach. This is the road that you never get to the end of.   from   Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now, Barry Miles The recording of The Beatles took a physical and psychological toll on all concerned. By late 1968 the group was close to collapse. There were several fault-lines but the most significant was  between Paul — desperate to save the musical marriage — and John and George, who wanted out. The rupture was irreconcilable but nobody was yet ready to break up the group . Personal relations inevitably deteriorated. Most of the animus was directed against McCartney, who, despite his cheery public persona, was deeply affected. He retreated to his remote farm in Scotland to lick his wounds  and - Paul being Paul - write some new material. The conscious intention was  to write a commercial ballad for a mainstream s

What was the biggest concert The Beatles ever played?

Officially, the opening concert of The Beatles 1965 US tour at Shea Stadium, New York was the largest they ever did. It was the first time a major sports area was used as a music venue and the 55,000 tickets sold out in seventeen minutes. The Philippines  This was not, however, the biggest crowd The Beatles performed in front of. In July 1966 they were booked to play two gigs at the Rizal Stadium, Manila. They were told that 30,000 tickets had been sold for the afternoon show and 50,000 for the second. To their horror, however, they discovered that these figures did not remotely reflect the numbers packed in to the stadium. As George puts it in Anthology: ...when we got there it was like the Monterrey Pop Festival. There were about 200,000 people on the site. The Beatles rushed through both sets. In total they spent  less than eighty minutes on stage. They then retreated to their hotel room - only to find that they had unwittingly caused great offence to a dangerous dicta


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