Last time Beatles together?

One of the remaining mysteries in The Beatles story is the precise date they met together for the final time. The last recording sessions for Abbey Road took place between 18th and Wednesday 20 August. various tracks were finished, including 'Here Comes the Sun' and, fittingly 'The End'. 

Two days later they completed their final final official engagement together - a photoshoot which was held at the new Lennon-Ono residence Tittenhurst Park in Ascot - see here.

Lawyers & meetings

The infamous 'I'm leaving the Beatles' meeting. Alan Klein is to the right of John & Yoko. George seemingly absent

After that they pretty much wandered away to start their new lives. Only a final round of business meetings they all hated forced them back into each other's presence. 

The key one was on September 20. This was when Alan Klein, now representing John, Paul and Ringo presented the new contract he had negotiated with Capitol Records. This meant more money - something they could all welcome.

A second bombshell proved far more momentous. John Lennon announced that he was leaving the band.

 Harrison was not there. He was visiting his sick mother - another grim portent.

Final Divorce?

By this point, the divorce was almost final. Physical presence merely intensified the chasm between the two warring camps.  John and George on one side. Paul was  on the other. 

Ringo was less partisan but the situation demanded that a side be taken. He went with Team Lennon/Harrison/Klein.

Paul asked John to defer making any official announcement for six months 'to protect the business'. Klein for once agreed with him. Later Lennon would declare that he had been tricked out of his right to end  the band he started. McCartney counter claimed that he had waited six months and had been left with no option but to go to court.

The precise details of this verbal agreement between the two sides is still disputed after half a century. A pretty standard divorce, then.

The Last Picture Show - the surreal final Beatles photoshoot (Medium 5 mn read)

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