What does Lennon say at end of Strawberry Fields?

The 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy was fuelled by supposed clues hidden in the recordings

I told you about strawberry fields ... You know the place where nothing is real...Well here's another clue for you all ... The walrus was Paul.

The Paul is Dead theory can be traced back to an incident that occurred in January 1966. Paul's car was spotted on a raucous night out in London and The Beatles Press Office issued a release claiming it had never left his garage. 

Two years John Lennon alludes to the conspiracy theory in Glass Onion. The reference to 'another clue' is a tease about supposed evidence of a cover-up hidden in recordings.

One of the 'clues' seized upon by those claiming a cover up comes in the outro to Strawberry Fields. Keen listeners claimed that Lennon's distorted voice is saying 'I buried Paul'. In his posthumously published  Playboy interview. the writer categorically denies this.

LENNON: “I said ‘Cranberry sauce.’ That’s all I said. 

On the released version this is difficult to verify. The words 'cranberry sauce' can clearly be heard on the Anthology 2 version (around 03.57)


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