Why did the Beatles stop performing live?

We were the best live band in the world before we were famous. Nobody could touch us  John Lennon.

There were three key reasons The Beatles gave up touring in 1966: 
  • Sound quality: a combination of poor acoustic in large unsuitable venues and unremitting screaming had a severe impact. Put simply, they couldn't hear themselves play. 
  • Exhaustion: nearly three years of Beatlemania took a physical and psychological toll. A relentless touring and recording schedule had become unsustainable. Paul and Ringo wanted a break while John and George were more fundamentally alienated
  • Security concerns: these were particularly acute regarding the US. Having first arrived in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, they were ever more aware of their vulnerability, especially in the wake of the 'bigger than Jesus' controversy. Even more unsettling was their treatment in the Philippines, where they unwittingly fell foul of the Marcos dictatorship.  

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