Did John & Paul ever play together after The Beatles split?

According to the delightful May Pang (John's girlfriend during his 'lost weekend') they did:
I was thrilled to be part of their one and only jam they had. It was around the last day of March in 1974 in LA. Nobody knew Paul was coming. 
I remember him walking through and saying to John, “You finished the session already?” Because John was one of those musicians who likes to get in, and “let’s get it done now” type of guy. 
When I looked up I said, “Paul? Linda?” And John turned round and nonchalantly said, “Hey Paul.” 
The greeting was so casual that you would have thought that he saw Paul often.
At the time, John was working on Harry Nilsson’s ‘Pussy Cats’ record. It was the first night of the recording session in Los Angeles. Ringo, Keith Moon, Jim Keltner and Klaus Voormann had already left.   
From May Pang interview
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