In December 1964 The Beatles release their fourth studio album in two years, Beatles for Sale. The mood is subdued and wistful - with tracks like 'I'm a Loser' hinting at a darker side to their lives.

Beatlemania continues to spread across the world. The pressure to both record and play live to ever bigger audiences intensifies. 

Increasingly The Beatles are exhausted. A punishing work schedule of recording, touring and filming is unsustainable. And the emotional hidden costs of Beatlemania are beginning to take their toll.  

Musically, however, they are making extraordinary advances. Two albums Rubber Soul (1965) & Revolver (1966) use new recording technology to brilliantly creative effect.

They are, however, unhappy about their live performances. ‘We can’t hear ourselves above the screaming,’ Ringo complains. ‘And our playing is getting worse.’
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