• The Quarrymen become the Silver Beetles, the Silver Beatles and finally The Beatles. 
  • Various bass players and drummers come and go. 
  • John invites non-musician art school friend, Stuart Sutcliffe to play bass in his group. 
  • Pete Best becomes the drummer.
  • Final name change to The Beatles. 
  • August: First of five extended visits to Hamburg. Perform at clubs such as the Kiaserkeller and Indra. Begin to establish sound and identity.
  • December - 1st British performance as The Beatles, at Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool.
  • The Beatles return to Liverpool. 
  • Stuart remains in Hamburg with his girlfriend. Tragically, he dies soon after - his death has a big effect on  on John.
  • November 1961: A local fan orders ‘My Bonnie’ from Brian Epstein’s record shop. 
  • Epstein visits lunchtime concert at The Cavern. Becomes new manager.
  • Brian begins changing image (leather out, suits in).

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