The Beatles Story - 1967

Free of the demands of touring, The Beatles creative energy goes into the recording studio into making records. The period August 1966 to August 1967 is perhaps their most productive. Revolver (1966) is followed by Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields and the musically revolutionary ‘Sergeant Pepper’.

Summer of Love

In 1967 The Beatles radically change their image. Their suits disappear. They grew their hair much longer. Moustaches appeared for Sergeant Pepper.

The Beatles were both leaders and followers of the newly emerging alternative culture.. They helped popularise ‘hippy’ clothes and attitudes.  But their ‘summer of love’ iended in a personal tragedy.

Shock News

Brian Epstein struggles with the The Beatles new direction. Without touring he has little to do. He increasingly relies on medication to relieve depression and insomnia.   

On August 27, 1967 Brian dies of an accidental prescription overdose.
See newsreel of Beatles (clearly in a state of shock) reacting to the news.

The news comes while The Beatles are in Bangor, North Wales. He is preparing to study transcendental meditation with an Indian mystic, the Maharshi Yogi. They came out to talk to reporters still clearly in a state of shock.

After Brian

‘When Brian died,’ John later said, ‘we knew we were in trouble.’  

Paul tried to organise the band. He creates a new project, a TV film called Magical Mystery Tour. The others resent his leadership.

Magical Mystery Tour is broadcast on Boxing Day, 1967. The critics hate it. For the first time in five years a Beatles project is not a complete success. But the soundtrack album still contains a number of classic tracks including The Fool on the Hill, Magical Mystery Tour, I am the Walrus, Baby Your a Rich Man

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