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The Beatles’ Story:1962

In 1962 Brian Epstein tries to find The Beatles a recording deal. The big labels are not interested. Eventually, Epstein signs the group to the small Parlophone label. Parlophone is run by record producer, George Martin. Martin will be the key figure in the recording career of The Beatles .

At the first recording session, George Martin is not happy with the drumming of Pete Best. The other Beatles secretly decide to replace him. In August they ask Brian Epstein to sack Pete Best. They replace Best with another local drummer, Ringo Starr.

In October 1962, the Beatles release their first single, Love Me Do. It is a minor hit.


Fail audition with Decca Records
1st BBC Radio appearance
Stuart Suctliffe dies in Hamburg
Beatles sign recording contract with George Martin (EMI/Parlophone)
1st recording session at Abbey Road
Ringo replaces Pete Best on drums
John marries Cynthia
2nd recording session at Abbey Road
Love Me Do released in UK. Reaches Number 17 in UK Record Charts
Final Hamburg trip

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