Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Was John Lennon born during an air-raid?

Contrary to Aunt Mimi’s later recollection, John Lennon was not born during an air-raid. On October 9, 1940, Liverpool was experiencing a brief respite from the intense bombing that had begun in August and would continue until January. The city would suffer 4,000 deaths, the highest number of casualties outside London .

Though John Winston Lennon was delivered without incident at Liverpool Maternity Hospital, the shadow of the war was present at the birth. It was even there in that middle name, Winston, his mother’s patriotic tribute to Winston Churchill, Britain’s new Prime Minister.

John’s parents were married but did not live together. His father, Alfred (Freddie) Lennon, went back to sea before John was born. He never really came back. Alfred (known as Alf to his family and Freddie to the rest of the world) and Julia Lennon were legally separated in 1942.

Taken from  Why was John Lennon brought up by his Aunt Mimi? (5 minute read)
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