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Monday, 11 January 2016

Did Bowie cover any Beatles songs?

He did - and got John Lennon to sing backing vocals

On the same album, Young Americans, Lennon returns the favour on the single Fame.

Peter Dogget has also unearthed some interesting Bowie/Beatles connections:

I was struck ... by the influence the Beatles had on Bowie's work in the 70s. Some of that influence is obvious - the McCartney-inspired piano styling of 'Oh! You Pretty Things', for example. As early as 1965, in an obscure song entitled 'That's Where My Heart Is', Bowie sounded as if he was learning how to write songs by listening to With The Beatles. Other musical links between Bowie and the Beatles were more surprising: in the book I talk about the apparent Fab Four influence on 'Blackout' from the 'Heroes' LP. In more recent times, of course, Bowie actually covered George Harrison's 'Try Some, Buy Some', claiming that he hadn't realised that George had written the song.
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In memory of David Bowie (1947-2016) RIP

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